Kids + San Antonio = AWESOME!

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kids + san antonio = awesome

We don’t usually go anywhere for Spring Break.  We take that time to stay home, relax and maybe do a few fun things around town.  This year we decided to take our boys to San Antonio during Spring Break.  There were 3 main factors that influenced our decision:

  1. Sea World
  2. Family lives there
  3. So. Much. To. Do!

We have been looking forward to taking our boys to Sea World for awhile now but they just weren’t old enough until this year.  So we decided that this would be the year we would go to San Antonio on Spring Break.  We were fortunate enough to stay with family but if we needed to stay in a hotel there were tons of great ones to choose from.  We actually thought about staying in a hotel just so the boys could swim but decided it was more important to spend time with family.

San Antonio 2

Our main goal was to go to Sea World and then fill in the extra time with whatever else we wanted to do.  I am so glad we took them there because they loved every single second of it!  We saw a total of 5 shows that day (Azul was their favorite!), fed the Sea Lions, walked at least 10 miles (at least it seemed like it!), played at the Sesame Street Bay of Play, ate yummy food and brought home fun souvenirs.  Discovery Point will open May of this year so we just barely missed it but we’ll go next year!  We were all exhausted and happy at the end of that day!

san antonio 3

The next day we decided to keep that days activities at a minimum since we were so busy the day before.  We took our time getting up, enjoyed a great breakfast then got on with our day.  Oklahoma City has a Riverwalk but admittedly it isn’t anything close to the San Antonio Riverwalk so we thought it would be fun for the boys to experience the great San Antonio Riverwalk!  The line was long but surprisingly moved pretty quickly.  Soon we were on a boat and making our way down the river.  Our tour guide had a great sense of humor and was full of fun information.  I’ve heard the Riverwalk is especially amazing during Christmas!

san antonio 4

We also took time to visit The Alamo while we were down town.  Our oldest was obsessed with the old guns and cannons that were displayed.  I liked the fact that he was learning a little of our country’s history while he was exploring!

On our way out of town we had to stop and try the famous Shipley Donut because what kid (and adult!) doesn’t love a good donut?!?  Trust me, they did not disappoint!

There are so many other things to do in San Antonio.  Some of the things on our list of things-to-do are The DoSeum (a kids museum where they learn by doing!), going on a Double Decker Bus Tour, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and the San Antonio Zoo.  This doesn’t even include our list of amazing restaurants to try out!

Our vacation was pretty short so we didn’t have time to do everything that we would have liked but we enjoyed our time there so much that we decided to make it a tradition to go to San Antonio every year on our Spring Break.  See ya next year, San Antonio!

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