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Turks and Caicos Vacation Tips

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Turks and Caicos Vacation Tips

Disclosure: I was invited to Social Media on the Sand but was not required to write a post. My thoughts and opinions are my own and I paid for my way to go but was given a discount on my hotel.

There is nothing like walking along the beach of a Caribbean island with your toes in the sand watching the waves roll in and rush up over your toes. The clear turquoise waters of Turks and Caicos is breath taking. This past week I attended the Social Media on the Sands conference for bloggers at Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos. While a post wasn’t required. I enjoyed the trip so much that I wanted to bring back some important information and tips in case you are planning a vacation. I put together  a few Turks and Caicos Vacation Tips that I hope will be helpful in helping you plan your vacation.

Beaches resort

Where to stay:

There are several places to stay in Turks and Caicos but here is what you need to ask yourself. Do you want to stay at an “all inclusive” resort or a normal hotel. Is an all inclusive worth the money? I can tell you during the booking process it’s no lie that you can find a good rate and probably a cheaper rate at a normal resort than staying at an all inclusive like Beaches. However when you start looking at the cost of food, drinks and excursions, it’s a completely different story. I can tell you after staying at Beaches I would take an all inclusive resort any day over a normal hotel.

  • It’s a no tipping resort so I never had to worry about having all that extra cash with me.
  • They have 18 restauraunts to choose from and all the food is included.
  • You don’t realize how HOT it is out on the beach. When you think about how many water bottles, soda and mixed drinks you may be consuming, that really adds up! It’s all FREE at Beaches.
  • Beaches Turks and Caicos also offers free waters sports, there’s kayaking, snorkeling and sail boats that you can rent for free. They even have free life jackets.
  • They also have karaoke, a dance club and XBOX Lounge. There was even an XBOX in our room!
Boat Dock

What You Need to Know about Beaches Turks and Caicos:

  • They offer a free shuttle to and from the airport.
  • The water activities close at around 4:00pm. The dive shop and water park etc. So plan accordingly.
  • If you are doing an excursion, plan early in the week and early in the day. That way if something gets canceled there is still time to book for another day and time. The ocean is usually calmer in the mornings.
  • Tropical storms happen, but don’t worry, they don’t last long. Yes it rained on our trip but it might have only lasted an hour and we were still able to do all of our excursions.
  • They offer all different kinds of rooms wether it’s beach front, balconies, butler suites and more, so make sure you ask what is available for you. Some even have a fully stocked kitchen.
  • They stock your fridge with free Coke, Sprite, juice and alcohol.
  • If they happen to be doing fireworks while you are there , a great place to watch them is on the dock near the Italian village.
  • If you love to look at fish be sure and take a flashlight and go down to the dock after dark. Here you may see some interesting looking needle fish as well as a barracuda who loved hanging out while we were there. There is also a really pretty reef about a 15minute walk down the beach. Ask the dive shop where it is and they can direct you. Just leave any valuables in your room, like your phone and wallet if you plan on leaving a bag on the beach while you are snorkeling in this particular area because it is a little off the resort. I will tell you, you never have to worry about your stuff on the Beaches Resort itself because there is a staff member within a birdseye view anywhere you go.
  • They offer beachside service. You can cool off with your favorite drink and never have to leave your favorite spot.

 Love on the Beach

Invest in Your Trip:

We all like to save money but when it truly comes to booking a vacation, I cannot stress how much you need to plan ahead and save. Your vacation should be stress free and worry free. Spending the extra money on staying at an all inclusive was worth it to me. I actually enjoyed my vacation more. Save up for those extra excursions and check out the spa. We booked a couples massage while we were there and let me tell you it was so relaxing and romantic. We will definitely be doing more of those. Invest in good camera equipment. I took my DSLR but wish I would have boughten a Go-Pro camera to take with me. I am currently in the process of getting one now.

Iguana Island
Iguana Island 2
Conch Shell
Iguana Island 3
Iguana Island 4

The island has so much to offer so while there are free things to do at Beaches, invest in doing some off resort excursion that you can book right at the hotel. We booked an excursion that took us to Iguana Island, Snorkling and to Shell Island to look for Sea Shells.

What to buy:

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