Great Wolf Lodge & Holiday Inn Review

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This is a review I did back in 2010 on my old blog that I thought I would move over here for those of you thinking about checking out Great Wolf Lodge and looking for Great Wolf Lodge locations.

My son is at that age where he doesn’t play with a lot of toys.  Don’t get me wrong he still loves toys but the selection of toys for kids his age is not as big.  So this year we gave him an option of having a traditional party or going on an adventure. Being that his birthday usually falls on a holiday it’s hard to find places to go that aren’t insanely busy.  Great Wolf Lodge in Texas went above and beyond to accommodate us!  I mean we didn’t exactly give them a lot of advance notice.

When you first get to Great Wolf Lodge  it can be a little overwhelming.  But you are put right at ease when you check in.  The employee’s go out of their way to make your experience the best it can be.  There is something for everyone there.  There is even a Starbucks!

great wolf lodge

The rooms at Great Wolf Lodge are amazing!  Since we have a family of 4 most hotel rooms can be a little cramped.  Not here!  They had a queen size bed for the adults and a separate area for the kids with bunk beds!  It also had an area with a couch and a desk.  We did have one complaint about the rooms.  When someone closed their door to their room it made a very loud noise.  It wasn’t that the guests were slamming their doors, it was just loud. Many guests complained about this because their are a lot of late nighters. Also some Great Wolf Lodge locations may have different themed rooms.

There is so much to do there that I’m glad we stayed a couple of days.  The water park was awesome!  They had things to do for every age.  There were slides, a lazy river, a children’s area, a wave pool and hot tubs for adults only.  And this was all indoors!  They also had an outside area that had a ton stuff also.  So matter what the weather your family can enjoy water park!

great wolf lodge

Now to my son’s favorite part: MagiQuest!  This is a game that takes the kids on different “quests”.  All they have to do is buy a magic wand and let the fun begin.  They have things on every floor for the kids to find and do.  The way this is designed though it keeps the kids away from the guests rooms and makes them use the stairs.  It actually takes points away from them if the use the elevators.  So you don’t have to worry about kids clogging up the elevators! Now I will say that Great Wolf Lodge is a little expensive so it’s not something I would recommend on a frugal budget but for those times when you just want to splurge it’s awesome. Make sure you bring lot’s of snacks and drinks to keep in your fridge in your room.

Now the next part of the adventure took us to the Holiday Inn Express ………..  This is a place that should be a must stay when you are traveling.  The staff is friendly and when you walk in you smell this refreshing scent.I wish I could bottle it up and take it home.  We stayed in a suite which was amazing!   It had 2 rooms so the adults could have peace and quiet!  When we walked in to check out our new digs,  we saw they had given us a little gift!  There were 2 plates of chocolate covered strawberries, a bottle of champagne and bunch of snacks for the kids!  The gifts didn’t stop there either!  In the bathroom there was a gift package with Bath and Body Works stuff in it!  The didn’t forget anything!  In the business center, it has everything you need.  I know we used their printer to print out directions and the queen printed out a few shopping coupons.  It’s conveniently located by the airport and major highways so getting to and from is very easy.

So next time you are planning a birthday party think outside the box!  Try something different.  I know we created some great memories on this trip.  (and we didn’t have to clean up!)

This was easily one of Ryan’s favorite birthdays.  I just wanted to say thanks to Great Wolf Lodge for providing the room at a media rate.  Also a huge thanks to Holiday Inn Express…… for providing the room for us.  You guys made this trip awesome!

Great Wolf Lodge Locations:

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