Plan Your Summer Vacation In North Dakota!

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The final days of this school year are winding down (can you even believe it???) and summer break is right around the corner.  For us, this means that it is time to start thinking about our summer vacation and how we are going to spend it!  Summer vacation means different things to different people.  To us, it is a time away from the hustle and bustle of regular life to spend time with the family, experience new things and create new memories.  For others it may mean a couple's getaway or a girl's weekend away.  There are so many different ways we can spend our time off this summer but I know that no matter what we decide to do we always want to make the most of it because it always ends way too quickly!north dakota 3

If you are up for some traveling how about visiting one of our great states this summer?  Whether you are looking for a leisurely, laid-back vacation or one that is full of adventures and activities then you need to take the advice of actor Josh Duhamel and add North Dakota to your list of places to go this summer!  The experiences of North Dakota are so diverse that everyone is sure to find something they would love to do!

Do you love to hike or ride bike trails?  If so then you need to check out 13 Fantastic Trails for you to explore in North Dakota.  There are even trails for horseback riding!  Now, that is something I would LOVE to do with my family! Want to conqueror a 144 mile bike ride?  Then you need to check out the Maah Daah Hey Trail.  Are you only interested in relaxing in a quiet cabin by the lake?  Then Lake Metigoshe State Park is where you need to be!

north dakota 1

If you are looking for plenty of Family Fun this summer then click on THIS LINK to go to the North Dakota travel page where you will find a huge list of lots of family-friendly activities.  You can even order your own family entertainment kit!  You can choose to do outdoor activities like camping and fishing or learn about North Dakota's history and culture, find hidden gems and free things to do and even go to a wildlife refuge!  Great memories are made in North Dakota where family fun is a natural adventure!

north dakota 2

So what are some options for a leisurely, relaxed vacation?  Would you rather spend your time resting and recuperating?  How about visiting one of North Dakota's many cities to do some shopping (yes, please!), visit art galleries, experience delicious restaurants, stroll around a museum, sit in a quiet coffee shop, go golfing and so much more!  Yep, North Dakota has something we all can enjoy.

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So are you excited about summer vacation yet?  I know I am!  Start planning your North Dakota vacation now by clicking HERE where you can map out exactly what you want to do, see and experience while you are in the great state of North Dakota!


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