5 Teen Friendly Attractions in OKC

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Attractions in OKC the entire family will enjoy- check it out for your next staycation or trip into OKC!

5 Teen Friendly Attractions in OKC

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Attractions in OKC- Finding Ideas for Teens in the Summer:

If you have older school aged kids, or teens of any age, you may be trying to come up with a few ideas to make the summer memorable.  I know it seems the older the kids are, the more difficult it is to find something everyone wants to do! 

During the summer school break, I wanted to find teen friendly attractions in OKC that were also family friendly. You know, something all of us could meet in the middle and have fun together.

After doing some searching I actually found a few places I didn’t even know had come to Oklahoma City and maybe you haven’t either? Check out these 5 Teen Friendly Attractions in OKC.

5 Teen Friendly Things to Do

  1. HeyDay Lower Bricktown – While the original location is in south of OKC, HeyDay Lower Bricktown is located on the lower level across from Fuzzy Tacos. HeyDay offers a fun bowling alley experience, with a little more upscale atmosphere than the traditional bowling alley.

    They offer black curtains that you can section off for a private party, the food is amazing and they also offer a small arcade upstairs.

    They even offer ladies night once  a week where ladies get 2 free games of bowling. (Make sure you call for more info.) My son absolutely loved it. They had flashing lights and large video screens across the floor that played music videos. 


2. Wild Encounters at Oklahoma City Zoo – The Wild Encounters program is a behind the scenes program that allows you get up close and personal with some of the animals.

Wild Encounters includes grizzly bears, sea lions, elephants and Galapagos tortoises. All ages welcome. Groups up to 10 people. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

During our visit we chose 3 encounters, elephants, sea lions and Galapagos.

They were all so much fun but I think the Galapagos was my favorite. I loved how we actually got in the pen with them and fed them lettuce.

*For 2020, be sure to check with the OKC Zoo and talk to staff regarding any recent changes to hours, or closures.  While the information on the website is helpful, it might not reflect the most recent changes.   Be sure to call ahead if needed! 🙂

Don’t forget to also check out the Zoo It All Band that cost extra but allows you to feed giraffe’s, ride the train, ride the tram, feed the lorakeets, feed the stingray and more. Totally worth the extra money. You can call the zoo for more information 405-424-3344. Check out the rest of our zoo photos Wild Encounters at Oklahoma City Zoo.

3. TopGolf is an amazing place!  

They have 3 levels of bays where you can play different games utilizing the targets out on the range.  No experience necessary either!  

My son and I have never played golf, the first time we visited TopGolf, and we had a blast!  The really cool thing is my husband plays and we were able to have a great time playing even with the large difference in ability!  

It’s not just a place to hit golf balls either, they have amazing food and an inside area where you can eat and enjoy your favorite soft drink!  They also have plenty of other areas to gather with friends and enjoy! ( I think I am now a Golf fan and my husband thanks you for it.)

4. BrickOpolis – BrickOpolis is also located in Bricktown. This place is so much fun.

BrickOpolis has a 2 story laser tag where even the walls are out to get you, which makes it even more challenging. I did pretty well with third place but my son beat me with 2nd place.

After we played a game of laser tag it was time to try out the arcade. I have to say this arcade was so much fun because they offered so many different choices from carnival style games, souped up classic arcade games mixed in with some new ones as well. When it came time to eat we tried the buffet.

We thought the buffet was just…… okay. We wished we would have tried the regular restaurant menu as the food looked amazing. After that we ended with a game of mini golf. It was towards the end of the day so it was much cooler outside. On the 18th hole Daniel got a hole in 1 and won a game of laser tag! We would definitely come again!

5. Our day at Pole Position Raceway was AMAZING!  

We are a very competitive family and this was the perfect place to get our “competition” on!  These carts are FAST!  Of course my husband was the fastest…. just don’t tell that to my son!  

You must be at least 13 yrs old and 56 inches tall to race on the main track but don’t worry they also have a youth track for kids at that are at least 48 inches tall and can safely drive the cart!  

It is also a great place for birthday parties!  In addition to the racing they have a mini arcade to keep your teen entertained!   Make sure to check with them for their monthly events they hold.

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