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EPCOT’s Living Seas and Dolphin Research

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Living Seas

During our #MonkeyKingdomEvent we got to visit Epcot. On this trip to Epcot I got to discover many new places in the park that I had not ever noticed even though I had been several times. I don’t know if I had just overlooked them or what. One of the was the Living Seas building. I had no idea there was a huge aquarium at the park. Here you can learn all about the education of fish and marine animals. You can even see a manatee up close. Two times  a day they have what they call a fish feeding. If you have kids this is pretty awesome because that have divers suit up and dive down into the tanks to feed the fish, sting rays and more, it’s like a frenzy. While you are there keep your eye out for Luna a 400lb sting-ray who is around 7-9 years old. Her wing span is about 7 ft long and you can see her in the video I took.

While we were there we also got front row seats for their dolphin education program. We watched as trainers put up different objects along the glass wall and the dolphins would respond with different sounds according to what item was placed at the time. They also posed for a few photos as well. One thing we didn’t have time for was the Nemo ride inside The Living Seas so you will have to check that out for me next and let me know how it is. Oh and bring your camera so you can take photos of you and your family being eaten by a great white shark. It’s a cool photo prop they have there that is a lot of fun.