Sanaa Restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge

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As part of our #MonkeyKingdomEvent  trip I had the priviledge of getting to have lunch at Sanaa which is an African, Indian Inspired Cusine.  While we feasted on very unique flavors we had the priviledge to speak with Greg Peccie, DAKL Animal Operations Manager at Animal Kingdom who talked to us a little bit about the restaurant and the lodge itself.

Savor slow-cooked meats, salads and vegetarian specialties as you discover African cooking with Indian flavors.

Step inside this exquisite, East African-inspired eatery, which evokes a traditional spice market, decorated with handcrafted wares under the graceful branches of an acacia tree.

sanaa flat Bread

Start your meal with Indian-style bread service with 5 different dipping sauces , from sweet mango chutney to spicy red chile sambal. I cannot remember what the green sauce was but it was my favorite.

sanaa salads

They also have amazing salads. My favorite was the chickpea served with cucumbers and tomato.

For your entrée, select from tender meats slow-cooked in gravy—such as beef short ribs and spicy Durban shrimp—as well as vegetarian dishes like the Sanaa vegetarian sampler. A range of sampler platters lets you choose a variety of flavors, and kid-friendly fare like beef burgers, pizza and grilled chicken is sure to please even the pickiest of palates.

Pair your meal with wine from South Africa, beer from India or Kenya, and specialty cocktails like the Malawi Mango Margarita. You can also enjoy refreshing non-alcoholic choices that include tropical juice, pomegranate lemonade and berry smoothies.

I am pretty much a picky eater but I was quite surprised how much I enjoyed many of the items brought to our table. Even if you are not staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge you should definately pop on over for lunch or dinner.

Don’t forget to check out Monkey Kingdom now open in theaters.