5 Tips for Working While Traveling With Family

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5 Tips for Working While Traveling With Family

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Verizon, my thoughts and opinions are my own.

The best part of my job is being able to work on the go. I love to travel. I love being outdoors and I am a big nature girl. I told myself 2 years ago when I left corporate America that I wanted to travel with my family more and we are doing just that. We even started a bucket list this year and we are going to make it a goal to knock something off of our list every couple of years and I encourage you to make your own bucket list.

My Travel Bucket List:

  • Yosemite & Yellowstone
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Alaska
  • Hawaii ( this one is for my husband and I)

Of course one of the biggest challenges is finding that work/family balance. While I still try to be flexible and check in with clients , I also don’t want to be one of those parent’s who’s kids are off enjoying themselves and the only memory they have is me glued to my computer. So I thought I would share with you a few Tips for Working While Traveling With Family.

Tips for Working While Traveling With Family

  1. Set Your Out Of Office Emails – This one is very important. This lets my clients know that I am on vacation and that I may not reply right a way. I normally use hashtags when I travel so I always include that in my out of office emails so that brands can follow along. I usually get replies saying oh my goodness I am having so much fun following along on your vacation. I also think that it helps with future leads.
  2. Pack Your Essentials – I always take my laptop, charging cords, my mouse, extra batteries, extra chargers, memory sticks and more. You just never know what you are going to need.
  3. Check With Your Wireless Provider – It’s always a good idea to check with your wireless provider to see if there are any blackout areas where you are traveling. Since I use my Verizon mobile hotspot, I also like to check our account to see where our data plan is at. With our Verizon plan it’s so easy to add a GB if we need it and then take it off just as easily the next month. We also get text messages to let us know when we are getting close to our data usage. If you find your in a spot where there is an outage, you can still be producing by writing out emails,blog posts and more in Word and then just copying and pasting them later.
  4. Set Your Hours – It’s always a good idea to set some work hour rules before you go. For example when we are taking road trips like the one we are on now while I am actually writing this post, My husband usually drives so I try to knock out a big chunk of what I need to do while the kids are watching a movie. I also try to set some time each night before I go to bed to check email and reply back to clients. I try not to get on my phone to much during our trips except for when I am taking photos to record our trip and posting online.  I might even sneak in some extra time if the kids are riding something I don’t like.
  5. Save on Storage – If you are traveling with family, it probably means you are going to be taking lots of photos which can take up a lot of storage and make your computer incredibly slow. I like to take a small portable back up or memory stick to transfer all my photos to from our day of fun.

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