5 Ways to Calm Pets While Traveling

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This 5 Ways to Calm Pets While Traveling post was sponsored by Vetriscience. All opinions expressed are my own.

5 Ways to Calm Pets While Traveling

I was excited to try out these Composure Chews from VetriScience, since we travel with our pets often! Although they both love spending time with us, sometimes they need a little help staying calm on the road.

As a little background, we have two small dogs (Chloe and Boomer).  We travel with them on the road and they are both our babies! Even though they are used to being in the car with us, travel can sometimes be stressful for pets. Chloe (pictured) is the one who gets nervous in the car. I was able to use the VetriScience Composure Behavior Health Chews on our most recent road trip, and can say those treats helped calm her down!

As we all know, travel can bring about unfamiliar places, noises and of course people.  So taking care to keep your pet calm will help everyone have a happier road trip!

5 Tips to Keeping Pets Calm:

  1. As I mentioned, I keep some calming chews on hand like these from VetriScience. I liked having something on hand if she was especially nervous at times.

VetriScience 3.  If your pet is still young, consider getting him or her out and trying new experiences regularly.

I wish that I had gotten Chloe a little better socialized to loud noises.  When travelling, loud trucks scare her and that was just from always being in quiet areas when she was young.

Of course, be aware of when your pet is anxious and don’t let him or her become overwhelmed- that won’t help in the long run!

VetriScience spilled out 4.  Spend a lot of time with your pet on the road.

Temperaments differ, some pets may need extra time out of the car to calm down, while some prefer your lap!

Be aware of what your pet needs from you to help keep him or her calm. Is it the radio? Sitting on a favorite blanket? Talk and interact often!

Chloe Treat

We had a great time getting outdoors with our pets on a recent RVing trip.  The VetriScience Composure chews settled her down so we could both resume driving easier.  Even if you don’t travel with your pet, you can use Composure chews for any time your pet gets nervous.  (A common one is thunderstorms, and of course fireworks).

Your pet may also enjoy a chew before vet visits, or if while boarding or with family for separation anxiety. You can find mini chews, bite sized, and large dog chews on Amazon.

Chloe Licks  - Calm Pets

Chloe enjoyed her calming chews from VetriScience!  I got mine on Amazon, which you can find right here.

Boomer In RV - Calm Pets

5. Take plenty of rest stops.

This is probably a no-brainer, but pets need a few more potty and exercise breaks than we do. There is nothing worse than a dog with a full bladder. If in doubt, ask your vet before you leave, how often you should stop and exercise your pet.  It also pays to research pet friendly hotels and rest stops while planning your itinerary.  Hotels list pet amenities on their websites, and if in doubt, call ahead!

A calm and content pet will be worth a little extra travel time added!!

Boomer Sniffs it - Calm Pets

Other good safety tips:

  • Visit your vet before you go to get a clean bill of health!
  • Make sure ID tags are current
  • NEVER leave pets in a warm or hot vehicle, even if windows are cracked! Just like babies and kids, pets need to go inside or wait in a cooled place with a responsible adult to avoid heatstroke.
  • Bring along your carrier or crate, and make sure you have additional food (the kind they always eat) in case you run out 🙂
  • Bring something that reminds your dog of home. a favorite blanket or toy will do.

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