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Disneyland Annual Passport Program Ending!

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Unfortunately with all that is going on in our world with the pandemic, theme parks like Disneyland are making some major changes. It appears the Disneyland Annual Passport Program is now ending due to the continued uncertainty of the pandemic.

Disneyland Drive

Disneyland Annual Passport Program Changes:

In breaking news, Disneyland President Ken Potrock Announced the following statement:

If you’re a current annual passholder with Disneyland, be sure to check your email for notifications about this change.

If you call the membership customer service, be aware there may be a long wait times if many members are trying to clarify changes. As a seasoned traveler, my advice is to try to be patient and kind with any customer service representatives! Changes with the pandemic aren’t the fault of employees, as we are all aware.


It appears from the official statement there will be more news coming from Disney Parks regarding membership offerings, so keep an eye on Disneyland official Facebook and Twitter pages for more. Look for the blue checkmark next to the handle to make sure you’re following an official page.

Hopefully we will know more soon! Our advice is to be a little extra savvy this year about planning vacations and booking at Disney and other theme parks. If you can, purchase trip insurance and opt for late cancellation options on your flights and hotel rooms when you’re able.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck planning your next getaway! ~ Roaming My Planet Team

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