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Wilderness Explorers Program at Animal Kingdom

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Wilderness Explorers Headquarters

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Next time you plan a trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, definitely sign up your kids  for the Wilderness Explorers Program, it’s free.  The Wilderness Explorers Program at Disney’s Animal Kingdom encourages families and children to experience the park in a whole new way! As Wilderness Explorers, Guests participate in a variety of activities, such as hiking the trails, digging for fossils, studying gorilla behaviors, listening to animal sounds, learning how veterinarians care for animals, and interacting with Cultural Cast Members representing different countries in Africa and Asia. This was something new I learned about during my Monkey Kingdom trip.

Wilderness Explorer Stickers

Completing each activity allows you to earn a sticker badge in their very own Wilderness Explorers handbook, which can be picked up from any of the nine Troop Leader locations around the park. Explorers can earn up to 31 badges, but are encouraged to earn these badges in multiple visits, since exploring is a lifelong adventure! Completing all 31 badges gives Guests the honorary title of Senior Wilderness Explorer. The program’s goal is to connect Guests with animals, conservation and culture while spending time together as a family, during and even after their visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Wilderness Explorer Guides

As part of the #MonkeyKingdomEvent, a group of us decided to take the challenge so after we got an overview of the program we grabbed our books, planned a strategy and took off.

Wildreness explorer Group

The best part of this program is, it actually took me to spots that I have never seen or never even knew was there, even though I had been at the park several times.

Goat Selfie

Check out this awesome “Goat Selfie” from the petting zoo area that was new to me where we got our hand washing badge. It was great meeting all of the Cultural Cast Members and listening as they gave awesome animal facts and taught us about conservation and more.

Animal Kingdom Drums

Learned all about musical instruments and more. Want to learn more about animals? Monkey Kingdom is now playing in theaters near you.

Monkey Kingdom