Sharpen Your Football Skills with Womens Football 101

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Football 101 Stillwater

Disclosure: This trip was sponsored by Visit Stillwater and my thoughts and opinions are my own.

I will be the first to admit, I have never been a HUGE football fan. Don’t get me wrong, I love the football parties, the food and dressing up in my favorite Cowboys gear but I just never fully understood the game. My husband is a HUGE Cowboys fan and I hated not being able to sit down and watch a game with him, to only pretend I had a clue what was going on. I seriously needed a class on Football 101.

OSU Football Room (1 of 1)

Then that all changed. I was invited by Stillwater to participate in their Women’s Football 101 program this month. I had no idea that it even existed? Apparently it’s a hot event that sells out within hours! Women from all over the U.S. come to participate. We started our day in the team meeting room where Mac Butler pumped us up with some awesome football music and a slide show presentation. We had a chance to listen in as some of the moms talked about what football life was like for them and their sons.  Some of the staff as well as Coach Gundy came out to share their thoughts with us as well.

OSU Cowboys Locker Room (1 of 1)

I was really surprised at how big the facilities were! They took us into the locker rooms where we learned about the football equipment and how each piece works.  We even toured the physical therapy room where they have a pool with a treadmill in it.

James Washington (1 of 1)

I managed to snag a photo next to James Washington Jr’s locker who is a HUGE up and coming football star.

OSU Cowboys Weight Room (1 of 1)

We toured the weight room and learned about strength and conditioning. We watched as some of the players showed us what a daily workout looks like for them. Some of them even have cat like reflexes.

Cowboys Football Players (1 of 1)

We had lunch with the players in the the athletic dining facility in Boone Pickens Stadium called the Training Table which was really nice. Not only did we get to sit and talk with them individually but we also got to catch a glimpse of what their diet was like. I was really surprised to find out that everything was gluten free! It tasted so good!

Boon Pickens Stadium (1 of 1)

One of my favorite parts of the day was getting out to come out of the tunnel and out on to the field with music blaring and the fog machine going. It was like we were actually live at the game. OK I say that was my favorite part but I am really having hard time choosing. I really …. really…. loved getting out on the  Sherman E. Smith indoor practice field with the players and the coaches and actually running through plays etc. At first I thought , oh know here we go, I am totally going to fail at this but I was surprised how good I was. I think I might have helped when one of the players shouted Holy Cow look how flexible she is lol! That might have just boosted my confidence a little. We broke up into teams after stretching and each team rotated through different drills!  While I didn’t get any photos of me on the field because I was really trying to focus on participating I did get a video of me catching the ball during one of the drills. Oh and can I say that kicking a football is way harder than it looks? I totally bombed on that one lol! I think I actually kicked it wth my toe instead of the side. Lesson learned… FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS lol!


The Atherton Hotel Collage

While I attended Football 101 , I had the chance to stay at the Atherton Hotel located next to the student union. It’s beautifully decorated in elegant Cowboy style. I really felt at home here. The rooms had a sitting room and the pillows were so comfortable (I am really picky when it comes to my bed and pillows). The Atherton offers free wifi and free breakfast in the morning in the Ranchers Club which is gorgeous as well. Think huge antler chandeliers, saddles and more. If you get a chance to stay there , check out the gardens outside. They have a beautiful sitting area with lights and everything is so fresh and green.

You MUST, I say you MUST try the Pecan Ball, it is the most amazing dessert of all time, I told them they needed to call it the Pecan Bomb because it was the Bomb.com. I have included a photo of it in the pic above. If you are planning on staying the weekend for a game, you better book ahead because it gets booked up pretty fast!

Eskimo Joes Food

All that football activity made me hungery and Stillwater isn’t short on amazing food! While I was there of course I had to visit the “iconic” Eskimo Joe’s! If you haven’t been you are missing out! The cheese fries are their signature dish but I really enjoyed the “Foul Thang” as well. Eskimo Joe’s is where all the college kids eat so you know it’s delicious. I even bought one of their iconic shirts. Did you know that Eskimo Joe’s shirts can be seen worn all across the world? It’s of the most popular shirts in the U.S.

Grannys and Hideaway Pizza

And we cannot leave Stillwater without stopping at the “Original” Hideaway pizza. I have always been a huge fan of Hideaway pizza as we have one locally, but it was fun to see where it all started. This place was HUGE and rightfully so since it’s another student favorite! I have been eating at Hideaway for awhile now and had never even noticed the Hideaway Special. How is that even possible? If you have a group of picky eaters this is the perfect solution. You get a different topping on each slice! So there is something for everyone.

Another place we got to try was Granny’s Kitchen. This is your main stop for a down home country breakfast. They have sweet potato pancakes, amazing biscuits and gravy and oh my good gracious let’s not forget about their HUGE homemade cinnamon rolls! This is your warning, they are completely addicting!

I will admit my husband was a little jealous watching all of my tweets and Facebook posts but I think he was most happy that I was officially turned into a football fan! I cannot wait to sign up for next year!

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