Travel Tuesday: Score Better than Black Friday Travel Deals

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Tired of spending so much money on your travel expenses? Looking for ways to save without having to sacrifice quality or comfort? Join us every Tuesday as we share some of the best travel deals out there. From airfare and hotel discounts to rental car deals and more, we'll help you find ways to save on your next trip. A lot of times these travel deals are better than Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So sit back, relax, and start planning your next vacation with ease with these tips – thanks to our Travel Tuesday Deals!

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Sign up for Emails

Make sure you sign up for emails for your favorite travel partners, such as your cruise lines, airlines and hotel chains. If you are worried about getting spammed with email, just use a separate email address. I do this for my frugal tip offers as well for our sister site ConsumerQueen. I have also included a few others that are my favorites below:

  • Hopper : Download the app and use code: ConsumerQueen to get an extra $10 off any booking!
  • SkyScanner
  • Scott's Cheap Flights


Sign up for Loyalty Programs

Make sure you are signed for all your favorite travel partners loyalty programs. Some travel partners will send give early access or additional deals to their loyalty members. Loyalty programs are free so there is no reason not to sign up.

Bookmark Your favorite Sites

Book mark your favorite travel sites so you can find them easy for the sale. You'll also be able to compare deals easier between sites.

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  1. Look up flight prices before Travel Tuesday starts. This will give you a baseline on how much the trips usually cost so that you can make sure you get the best deals.
  2. Be flexible on the time that you can travel. Pick several dates that you'd like to take your trip. This will allow you to book the cheapest fare.
  3. Always read the fine print. Make sure you are checking to see what all is included in the fare before you purchase it. Look for things like:
    – Does it include baggage? It might be cheaper to upgrade to the next class if it includes luggage and as always try to do a carry on if possible.
    – Is your ticket refundable and if they will give you an e-credit to use at a later time?
  4. Open up Google Flights in a new incognito window. Enter in your departure city, click on the calendar icon. Here you can choose specific dates or flexible dates. Click on flexible dates, pick the duration of your trip and the month you want to travel. Then Map view, and it will show you all the different cities and how much it costs to travel there. Click on the city you want and check the fair options.


When looking for hotel deals during Travel Tuesday, there are two ways to score deals. Through some of the 3rd party apps we listed below or booking directly through the hotels website. I have found that some times the best deals can be through the hotels website directly. Make a list of all the hotels in the areas you are wanting to book stays at ahead of time. Then on Travel Tuesday go to their website and see if they have a tab for deals, offers or coupons. Read the fine print of the offers to make sure you understand how each offer works. Pay close attention to blackout dates.


Some cruise lines will offer Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday deals as well as Travel Tuesday deals. If you have a favorite cruise line it's best to pay attention to the specials they are running ahead of time. Sometimes cruise lines can be tricky on their offers and a sale isn't really a sale. They have just moved offers around to make it look like it's a sale. If you aren't sure, it's good to have a travel agent on hand that you can ask questions. Travel agents are free to use. They don't cost a thing. They get paid by the cruise lines. If you don't have one, I will give you the info to my personal travel advisor below. And no I don't get anything for referring you. It's just my way of saying thanks for being a reader.

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Using a Cruise Planner

When you are ready to book your next cruise, we encourage you to contact Heather at Flow Voyages. She's been a friend for more than a decade and we've sailed with her multiple times since then. Heather is an expert at all things cruise related and does a great job of taking the stress out of planning, finding great deals, and always watches for price drops so that you can focus on planning the important things like what you will be doing once on board! There is no charge to you for her services and her prices are usually the same or better than what you'll find on the cruise line's website.
She can be reached by phone: 630-779-9302 or email: [email protected]


You can book your travel using our affiliate links and it won't cost you any extra money. It's a great way to support our site for free.



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