Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss Progress While Traveling

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Traveling opens a lot of opportunities for exciting adventures. But before leaving, it’s important to remember essential travel preparation tips like securing your passport and bringing an emergency first-aid kit. The latter is especially crucial in order to stay healthy while traveling, especially in case of small accidents or minor injuries. However, cuts and scrapes aren’t the only things travelers should focus on when it comes to staying healthy during a trip. Data has found that four out of 10 Americans are experiencing obesity, making it one of the most pressing health issues of our time. This means you need to be mindful of your weight and health to avoid major health concerns like heart disease and type 2 diabetes – including during travel. To help you stay consistent in your fitness journey, here are some tips for maintaining weight loss progress while traveling.

Maintaining weight loss while traveling

Do easy exercises in your hotel room

A common perceived barrier to doing weight loss routines on a trip is the lack of equipment or spaces to help you work out. Fortunately, there are many ways to squeeze in exercise while traveling, including working out from your hotel room. You can bring light exercise equipment like a skipping rope, or you can do a full-body workout routine for 15-25 minutes. To help you maximize comfort while exercising in your room, you can also pack lightweight workout clothes like the Nike DriFIT One Luxe Top. The CDC says that exercising burns a lot of calories that can result in weight loss, so be sure to exercise to maintain your weight loss goals no matter where you are in the world. 

Prepare enough of your weight loss medications

If you’re already on a weight loss program that includes medication, it’s important to bring your meds, prescription, and other necessary documents with you on your trip. These specific medications are popular because they are very effective. For instance, GLP-1 for weight loss works by activating brain and gut receptors to curb appetite and slow down stomach emptying, effectively making someone feel less hungry and lose weight. GLP-1 medications like Mounjaro and Wegovy are usually found in injectable forms, while diabetes and weight loss medication metformin is usually sold in pill form. But how long does it take to lose weight when using these types of medications? One drug was ‘fast-tracked by the FDA for approval for treating obesity and got the green light in late 2023 with the brand name Zepbound’. During clinical trials, participants took ’15mg of liraglutide (the highest dose) for 72 weeks lost an average of 48 pounds and a third lost more than 58 pounds (a quarter of their body weight)’. Now, this may not be the case for everyone but it does show how effective prescription weight loss drugs can be if you’re dedicated to sticking to a plan regardless of whether you are traveling or not. When you’re traveling, if you want to try to really stick to your weight loss plan, The American Diabetes Association says injectable medications are generally permitted through airport security, so you should pack unopened syringes and place them in a carry-on refrigerated bag to maintain their effectiveness. 

Plan your meals ahead 

One of the many things to look forward to on any trip is the gastronomic experience, especially in places like Bangkok, which offers flavorful choices like crab omelet and pad thai. However, the overwhelming choices may cause you to eat way beyond your target, which is why it’s important to plan your meals. Before leaving, you can search for the menu of a restaurant you’re planning to visit and list down healthy food choices to help you stay on track with your fitness goals. Healthline suggests combining foods from healthy food groups like dairy, veggies, and proteins while traveling to ensure a healthy eating habit that can boost weight loss. That way, you won’t have to restrict yourself from grabbing another irresistible pork dumpling and instead focus on planning well-balanced meals for an enjoyable trip. 

Explore new surroundings while walking or jogging

The NIH says walking or jogging helps strengthen bones, improve heart health, and burn a ton of calories for weight loss. When possible, try walking or jogging around the vicinity of your hotel or Airbnb. Doing so helps you achieve your fitness goals even during a trip – all it takes is a couple of minutes in the morning before your planned itinerary or even at night if you want to burn the calories you gained from trying new foods. This also allows you to explore the neighborhoods of walkable cities like Amsterdam, helping you immerse in the place’s local culture. With that said, don’t forget to pack a pair of running shoes like the Asics Gel-Blade 8 to help you move around comfortably.

Here are some recommended products from Amazon to help you maintain your weight loss progress while traveling:

  1. Travel-friendly portion control containers to help you manage your food intake on the go.
  2. Collapsible water bottle to stay hydrated wherever your travels take you.
  3. Healthy snacks like protein bars or trail mix to curb cravings between meals.
  4. Portable blender for making nutritious smoothies or protein shakes on the road.
  5. Resistance bands for quick and effective workouts in your hotel room or outdoors.
  6. Travel-size meal prep containers for storing homemade meals or leftovers.
  7. Digital luggage scale to ensure you stay within airline weight limits for your belongings.
  8. Insulated lunch bag to keep perishable snacks and meals fresh during your travels.

These products can support your efforts to maintain healthy habits and stay on track with your weight loss goals while away from home.

Traveling may seem like the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. But make sure to stay consistent in your weight loss journey by following these travel-friendly tips for a healthier lifestyle.


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