Harvest Hosts: The Best RV Boondocking Choice

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When it comes to the best way of finding hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path adventures, Harvest Hosts has proven to be a game-changer for RV enthusiasts. The convenience and perks offered are unmatched, but what truly sets it apart? Let’s explore the intricacies of this RV Boondocking app and uncover why it’s regarded as the ultimate companion for those seeking unique travel experiences.

outdoor rv rug - RV Boondocking App
Recreational vehicle fifth wheel travel trailer in wooded campsite with awning and folding chairs.

What is Boondocking?

“Boondocking” is closely associated with the concept of “boondocks”: remote, sparsely populated rural areas. Consequently, the basics of boondocking involve seeking out such remote free campsites for leisure, often with an RV, campervan, or tent camping setup.

Similarly, “dispersed camping” is defined by RVCamping.org as camping outside developed campgrounds or RV Parks. Boondocking, also known as dry camping, refers to RV camping in remote or off-grid locations without traditional amenities like electricity, water, or sewer hook-ups. It’s about embracing the freedom of the open road, venturing into untouched landscapes, and disconnecting from the hustle and bustle. Whether dispersed or boondocking, camping requires self-sufficiency for services like waste disposal, restroom facilities, meal prep, firewood, and more.

When people boondock, they usually seek out free camping spots in remote areas, often on public lands and public campgrounds, where they can immerse themselves in nature and truly experience the beauty of their surroundings. Some people like to boondock in more suburban places like Bass Pro, Cracker Barrels, Walmart parking lots, etc. You’ve probably seen RVs or even a big rig parked on the outskirts of a Walmart or at truck stops and rest areas in the past.

Why We Chose to Try Boondocking.

For our first boondocking experience, we hesitated to risk arriving at a free boondocking spot only to find it occupied. We sought a solution but were wary of investing in unfamiliar apps. Contacting Harvest Hosts, we proposed testing their RV Boondocking App for an honest review. They appreciated our plan to road trip to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons, granting us a complimentary membership to explore it.

Boondocking brings unique experiences not found in traditional campgrounds, like waking up to mountain sunrises or sleeping under desert stars. It offers unparalleled adventure and tranquility. Supporting local businesses along the way allows us to positively impact the communities we visit.

Boondocking is not just a way to save money by using free camping areas; it’s a lifestyle that allows us to explore new horizons, connect with the great outdoors, and create unforgettable memories. With programs like Harvest Hosts, we can enhance our boondocking adventures by accessing a network of unique locations and experiences through a convenient membership program.

Can I Boondock on Public Lands? 

Boondocking can cover various locations, from private acres with permission to public lands like National Forests or Bureau of Land Management (BLM) areas. Free camping, or dispersed camping, is typically permitted in national forests, excluding developed areas like trailheads, campgrounds, and picnic sites, as well as some popular spots. Be sure to check US Forest Service regulations and watch for signs indicating camping permissions. While some BLM land sites on federal land may provide a fire ring, you’ll need to bring your firewood and starting materials. It’s your responsibility to leave no trace when leaving your campsite on your trip.

4 Patriots

Patriot Power Generator 2000x

The Patriot Power Generator 2000X, with a power output of 2000 watts, was an essential companion during our boondocking adventure at various Harvest Hosts sites with our Jayco 27BH Travel Trailer. Its strong power output sustained our electrical needs, making it a seamless experience amidst the tranquility of nature. The compact design and efficient operation of this generator worked perfectly with our travel setup, allowing us to enjoy the comforts of modern amenities even in remote locations. The Patriot Power Generator 2000X excelled in powering our appliances and charging devices, enhancing our boondocking adventures with reliability and convenience. Its quiet operation ensured minimal disturbance to the serene surroundings, while its durable construction provided peace of mind throughout our travels. With the Patriot Power Generator 2000X, we embraced the freedom of boondocking with confidence, knowing that we could rely on its performance wherever our adventures took us. Buy here.

4 Patriots with scooter

Staying Connected

The Solis 5G was perfect for our Harvest Hosts road trip. As we boondocked in remote areas with minimal cell service, the Solis 5G kept us connected to family and friends without any interruptions. Its reliable internet connection ensured we could share our adventures, stay updated, and have peace of mind, making our journey even more enjoyable and stress-free.

What is Harvest Hosts?

Harvest Hosts offers a unique boondocking approach, providing travelers with overnight stays at diverse picturesque locations while fostering connections with local businesses. Founded on this principle, the program opens doors to wineries, farms, breweries, and other unique venues across North America. Members access an extensive host network welcoming RVers to park overnight, providing an authentic exchange for supporting their businesses. From wine-tasting in vineyards to waking up on a farm, Harvest Hosts offers a memorable adventure for meaningful connections on the road. Emphasizing hospitality and exploration, it stands as an innovative beacon in boondocking, transforming journeys into extraordinary adventures.

As members, we embrace this lifestyle, gaining access to farms, wineries, breweries, and attractions for overnight stays without fees. Benefits include exclusive discounts at host locations and a virtual map to mark locations for easy trip planning. Being part of this community allows us to discover hidden gems and connect with local essence. With perks like the CampersCard and the Harvest Hosts RV Boondocking App, our journey is enriched with opportunities to explore and support small businesses along the way.

I Heard that Harvest Hosts Revamped Their Access.

Harvest Hosts has recently made significant updates to improve the RV travel experience for all Members. These updates aim to make essential resources more accessible. Now, all Members can benefit from the data layers feature, providing insights into weather, terrain, and cell coverage previously exclusive to All Access Members.

Additionally, all Members now have access to the directory of dump stations, aiding trip planning and ensuring access to necessary amenities. The map interface has been redesigned for easier navigation and discovery of destinations, with larger pins and expanded viewing areas. Prospective members can preview Hosts on a detailed map before joining, and the review system has been enhanced for comprehensive insights. An immersive photo gallery view has been introduced for more effective previewing of upcoming stays.

Does the Harvest Hosts App Cost Money?

The Harvest Hosts great app is available to members at no additional cost with the annual subscription. As part of the Harvest Hosts membership benefits, you can enjoy unlimited overnight stays at over 5,198 farms, wineries, breweries, and attractions without any camping fees. This allows us the freedom to explore unique experiences like u-pick farms, alpaca farms, and drive-in movie theaters, all while supporting local businesses during our travels. The app provides access to a network of host locations across North America, offering safe and convenient places to stay.

The host information should also include the limitations of space for larger RVs. In addition to these perks, members can explore CampersCard and CampScanner for even more benefits. The Harvest Hosts app also grants us exclusive discounts at campgrounds nationwide and the ability to snag reservations at sold-out campgrounds in National and State Parks. Downloading the app grants us easy access to a virtual map of host locations, improving our RV boondocking experiences.

Harvest Hosts Military Discount

Use the following Discount Code during the signup process. Please note: it must be in all caps with no spaces before or after the code. This only applies to an HH, BW, HH + Golf, or HH + BW membership. It is not available for our All Access plan because this plan is already deeply discounted.


Thank you for serving our country!

How Does the Harvest Hosts App Work?

The Harvest Hosts mobile app serves as a platform connecting RVers with distinct overnight stays across North America, including host locations at wineries, farms, breweries, and other attractions. To access the network of hosts and their properties, users must sign up for a Harvest Hosts membership. Once logged in, users can explore host locations through an interactive map or list view within this RV Boondocking App, where they’ll find details like amenities, contact information, and member reviews. 

Harvest Hosts provides members with free overnight stays at local businesses in exchange for a small purchase. With over 4,100 locations and ongoing expansion, it offers a diverse range of options. On the other hand, Boondockers Welcome is a community focused on individuals offering private property stays. With 3,300+ locations, members can stay for up to five nights, and over 75% of hosts provide hook-ups. While both are separate membership plans, current Harvest Hosts members have the option to upgrade to include Boondockers Welcome memberships. You are welcome to Sign up for Harvest Hosts Here.

Booking a stay is straightforward; users can select a host location and make reservations directly through this RV Boondocking App. Upon arrival, users should check in with the host and adhere to any provided instructions. Be sure to respect the property and follow any rules in place. During their stay, users can immerse themselves in the unique experiences offered by each host, whether it’s wine tasting, farm exploration, or sampling local products. 

How to find the right pop up camper

Can I Boondock in a Pop-up Camper?

With the Harvest Hosts membership, all types of RVs are permitted. This includes Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes, as well as  Fifth Wheel trailers, travel trailers, toy haulers, camper vans, truck campers, and schoolies. Pop-up campers that are fully self-contained are permitted also. Additionally, vehicles towed behind RVs are allowed at our Host locations.

Unfortunately, the following are not permitted with the Harvest Hosts program. Tents, including ground tents or car rooftop tents. Sleeping in cars or trucks. Overlanding in jeeps, bikes, or ATVs.

What Should I Look For in a Boondocking Membership and App?

When researching Boondocking sites, it is a good idea to make sure there are a lot of great features. The number of locations that will be available to you. On the best RV Boondocking Apps, there are several key factors to consider to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience. First and foremost, assess the app’s coverage across the United States, as well as its ability to accurately pinpoint your current location using GPS technology. Google Maps integration can be particularly helpful in this regard. Since boondocking often takes you to remote places, it’s crucial to evaluate the app’s coverage of cell service and cell signal strength. 

Additionally, access to a real-time local weather forecast can help you plan and prepare for changing conditions. How many boondocking locations are offered? In the best apps, privacy practices should also be a priority. Look for app’s privacy practices that are transparent about the handling of data, how they send location data, etc. ensuring your personal information is protected. A comprehensive app should offer a variety of map types, including open street map to help you navigate to your perfect campsite. Consider apps with customizable map layers that display relevant information such as RV dump stations, water sources, and favorite locations. 

Features to Enhance Your Experience

 Road trip planner features can enhance your boondocking experience by providing access to a network of welcoming sites and assisting in trip planning. Offline maps are essential for boondocking in areas with limited or no internet connectivity. Make sure the app allows for offline use and offers offline map downloads. User reviews and ratings can provide valuable insights into the app’s usability and reliability. Look for apps with a friendly filter and a large user base ensuring you receive accurate and up-to-date information.

Finally, consider whether the app offers a paid version with premium features or a free app version with limited functionality. Evaluate the cost and benefits of a monthly or annual membership of upgrading to a premium membership. Keep in mind your budget and camping preferences. Ultimately, the must-have app meets your specific needs and preferences, providing you with a seamless and happy camping experience in remote and beautiful locations.

Other Apps of Interest

Road tripping apps have revolutionized travel, offering a great way to enhance adventures on the open road. William Modesitt’s road trip planner app stands out as one of the favorite apps for iOS devices. It not only charts routes, but also integrates features like allowing you to view Flickr photos for scenic spots along the way. For those seeking off-grid adventures, Gaia GPS and Dyrt Pro are indispensable, offering detailed maps, campground locations, and even information on gas stations. What’s even better is that when you use these apps, William Modesitt may earn a small commission, supporting the continued development of these fantastic tools for fellow road warriors.

Here Are the Places Where We Boondocked During Our Trip

During our trip, we boondocked at Center Pivot Restaurant and Brewery in Quinter, Kansas, Davissa Ranch in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Melvin Brewing in Alpine, Wyoming, Rebel Ranch in Laramie, Wyoming, and Shiloh Vineyard & Winery in WaKeeney, KS. These locations provided us with unique experiences and beautiful settings to enjoy our RV travels. We were able to support local businesses while enjoying the convenience and safety of Harvest Hosts’ network. .

Center Pivot Restaurant and Brewery in Quinter, Kansas

 Camper RV Boondocking App in quinter kansas

We found Quinter to have a  beautiful city park with nice level parking for our RV. In checking out the area, we noticed there were nice clean bathrooms within walking distance of main street. If you’re traveling during the day, there is an old-fashioned soda fountain in Ray’s drugstore. There were only three of us Boondocking at the time. The park is dog friendly. We definitely noticed that a train came through town at 4 in the morning! I don’t know if that is an everyday occurrence or not. Website.

RV Boondocking App in kansas

Davissa Ranch in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Davissa Ranch in Cheyenne, Wyoming, offers a unique destination for RV camping experiences. The ranch, situated amidst a tranquil rural setting, is featured on Harvest Hosts. As a Harvest Hosts site, it welcomes RV travelers for overnight stays, allowing them to experience life on a working ranch.

camper RV Boondocking App in cheyenne wyoming

The ranch dedicates itself to rescuing and providing sanctuary to older and unrideable horses. Unlike a traditional rescue, which focuses on rehabilitating and rehoming animals, Davissa Ranch serves as a permanent home where these horses can live out their lives with dignity and care​ (The Davissa Ranch)​.

Davissa ranch horses

Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, such as volunteering to help with daily ranch chores, participating in farm tours, or purchasing homemade goods from Mellie Belle’s Baked Goods, the ranch’s own bakery.​ Owners, Melissa and David have such a heart for these beautiful creatures. Our stay was absolutely wonderful and the time spent watching the sunrise and sunset was magical. Our hosts were very friendly and I feel like we made new friends.

davissa ranch horse melissa

If you’re interested in visiting or staying at Davissa Ranch, contact them directly to make an appointment since they operate by appointment only. To book a stay through Harvest Hosts, you need to be a member, which provides access to numerous unique locations across the US and Canada​. The Davissa Ranch is a 501c non-profit in Cheyenne, Wyoming. They provide a safe and permanent home for retired, displaced, and abandoned working horses.  Remember donating to a nonprofit is tax deductible.

davissa ranch qr code

Melvin Brewing in Alpine, Wyoming

Every time we stop at Harvest Hosts spot I keep telling Daniel, it can’t get any better than this. Last night we got into Alpine Wyoming and stayed at Melvin Brewing! We got a spot right next to the Snake River with a breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountains! So far our first experience with Harvest Hosts has been absolutely amazing. We have one night left here and then we head to our at Visit Montana portion of the trip.

camper RV Boondocking App in alpine wyoming

I also have to say that our first experiencing with Boondocking hasn’t been that bad! Thanks to my husband. He’s a genius and had everything well planned out. Melvin Brewing in Alpine, Wyoming, is part of the Harvest Hosts network, which offers unique overnight stays for RVers. As a Harvest Host, Melvin Brewing welcomes travelers to park their RVs at the brewery, providing a unique opportunity to enjoy their craft beers and the scenic surroundings. The brewery overlooks the picturesque Snake River Valley and provides access to adjacent BLM land, making it a great destination for camping.

alpine wyoming

Dogs are welcome in the outdoor areas. We put up our pup play yard to keep them safe from the river. For more detailed information about the camping experience at Melvin Brewing and their offerings, you can visit their profile on the Harvest Hosts website or check out the brewery’s official page.

Dining at Melvin Brewing

The Alpine Brewery boasts a spacious taproom offering a range of beers, from popular IPAs to porters. RVers can park in a flat area with scenic views. This location makes it a great hub for exploring Grand Teton National Park and outdoor pursuits.

We had a long drive, so we decided that we would have dinner at the brewery. Daniel and I just decided to have some appetizers. The food was wonderful and the staff was amazing. One of the waitresses told us she was also a wildlife guide. She gave us tips on where we could see wildlife this week. She even wrote everything down and brought it back to the table on a sticky note .

Rebel Ranch Barn

Rebel Ranch in Laramie, Wyoming

Imagine a serene escape where aspen leaves lull you to sleep and your RV adventure starts right at your doorstep. Cozy up by a crackling fire amidst the wilderness, sipping tea surrounded by nature’s tranquility. Slow down and cherish life’s moments in this idyllic retreat, where the symphony of the wild is your only companion. Hiking trails beckon and the clean atmosphere revitalizes.

Rebel Ranch Chicken

The ranch is home to a thriving herd of buffalo, along with horses and chickens on the property. Our host welcomed us warmly and shared his passion for agritourism and animal care. We were able to have farm tour that was both educational and fun while learning about the owner’s commitment to agrotourism. The highlight was feeding the buffalo by hand. These majestic creatures, with their gentle eyes and impressive size, took the food from my hand with surprising gentleness. It was a moment of pure connection with nature that I’ll always remember.

For those wanting to stay longer, he offers a beautiful Airbnb on the property. This isn’t just any rental—it’s a spacious place that can accommodate up to 14 people,. This makes it perfect for a family getaway or a retreat with friends.

Rebel Ranch petting horse

If you’re looking for a unique travel experience that combines adventure, education, and relaxation, this ranch should be at the top of your list.. As Harvest Hosts members, we enjoyed the unique experiences, away from traditional RV camping sites. Boondocking at Rebel Ranch highlighted the benefits of Harvest Hosts membership. It immersed us in Wyoming’s beauty while supporting local entrepreneurs and exemplified the freedom and adventure of exploring lesser-known locations. Website.

Shiloh Vineyard & Winery in WaKeeney, KS

Relax in a unique paradise where winemaking passion meets RV camping adventure. Surrounded by rustic nature, this spot offers an unforgettable escape. Travel along 5 miles of scenic dirt roads, occasionally challenging yet rewarding, to reach the vineyard oasis. Embrace the serene ambiance, indulging in whites and reds, each reflecting its terroir.

Before embarking on your journey, check road conditions to ensure a smooth trip. This vineyard is perfect for RVers seeking exploration and relaxation. It provides an ideal backdrop to unwind, sample exceptional wines, and create lasting memories.

The first thing I noticed when we got out of our camper was the Inspirational music being played on property. I knew this was going to be a great way to end our trip. After talking with our host, we found that starting a winery wasn’t in their plan! They had planted a bunch of grapes for someone else and when that plan fell through, and they had all these grapes, that is when the winery was born! This property is absolutely gorgeous and there is also event space in a beautiful barn! It would be great for a wedding reception, birthday party or shower! You can contact them via their website.

Harvest Hosts is the VIP!

As Harvest Hosts members, we valued the unique experiences provided by this RV Boondocking App. The serene setting of the vineyard and time visiting with the wonderful people running it made our time there well spent. With a virtual map, locating this gem was effortless, and we relished fee-free overnight stays. Harvest Hosts enriches our journeys, linking us with charming destinations like the ones on our trip. This showcases the perks of membership sites and the allure of boondocking.

So there you have it, folks! Harvest Hosts is the bee’s knees when it comes to RV boondocking apps. With its fancy map and sweet discounts, we’ve found it’s like having your own VIP pass to the best spots. Who needs a boring old campground when you can cozy up at a winery or farm? So pack your bags, grab this RV Boondocking App, and get ready for a boondocking adventure like no other! Sign up for Harvest Hosts Here.

Boondocking Supplies

Here is a list of supplies we recommend for boondocking:

  1. Portable Solar Panels: Keep your RV powered with renewable energy.
  2. Portable Generator: Ensure you have a backup power source for your off-grid adventures.
  3. Water Storage Containers: Extra water storage is crucial for extended stays.
  4. Portable Water Filter: Clean drinking water wherever you go.
  5. Composting Toilet: An eco-friendly waste management solution.
  6. RV Surge Protector: Protect your electrical system from surges and fluctuations.
  7. LED Lanterns: Reliable lighting for nighttime activities.
  8. Camping Chairs: Comfortable seating for outdoor relaxation.
  9. Portable Propane Heater: Stay warm in colder climates.
  10. Outdoor Rug: Keep dirt and debris out of your RV.
  11. Portable Grill: Cook delicious meals outdoors.
  12. RV Leveling Blocks: Ensure your RV is level on uneven terrain.
  13. First Aid Kit: Be prepared for any minor injuries or medical needs.
  14. Inverter: Convert DC power to AC power for your devices.
  15. Satellite Communication Device: Stay connected in remote areas.
  16. Collapsible Trash Can: Keep your campsite clean and tidy.
  17. Weather Radio: Stay informed about changing weather conditions.
  18. Portable Shower: Maintain personal hygiene off the grid.
  19. RV Windshield Cover: Protect against sun and maintain privacy.
  20. Heavy-Duty Extension Cords: Extra reach for your electrical needs.

These supplies can make boondocking more comfortable and efficient, ensuring you have everything you need for a successful off-grid adventure.

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