Free Things To Do In San Francisco

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Who doesn’t like saving a buck? With this list of free things to do in San Francisco, you’ll have tons of fun without breaking the bank!

San Francisco is such a fun city, jam packed full of events like Civil War Days, and free Zoo days for Roosters.

Planning a trip to San Francisco on a budget is easy these days! Plan your trip ahead of time if possible, so you can book your airfare, hotel, and rental car if necessary. Waiting until the last minute can pay off at times, but not always, so I say it’s better to be safe than sorry and book ahead! Once you’ve calculated your budget and actual travel expenses, it’s time to add in as many free activities as you can. You can save the rest of your money for great food and maybe even a few souvenirs.

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park welcomes more than 13 million visitors each year, and has long been one of San Francisco’s most-visited landmarks. Set on more than 1,000 acres, Golden Gate Park features gardens, lakes, playgrounds, monuments, and fun for the whole family.

You could easily spend an entire day here if you had enough time. There are several spots to take photos too, so don’t forget your camera!

The Golden Gate Bridge

Whether you’re a Full House fan and have been dying to see the Golden Gate Bridge your entire life, or you are just a fan of amazing architecture, this will be your first stop! There are free guided walking tours available daily.

On your guided tour you’ll experience a little bit of everything: architecture and engineering, tides and currents, and most likely even some of that famous fog!

Art Galleries

San Francisco is known for many things, including their unique and beautiful art galleries. What’s better than unique and beautiful? Unique, beautiful, and free of course! Some galleries and museums have new “free days,” so be sure to check the dates you’re visiting to see which ones you can enjoy at no cost.

Pier 39

California sea lions are known for their noisy barking, and how adorable they are of course! From January through July, sea lions will keep you busy over on Pier 39.

Sea lions aren’t the only things to keep you busy while visiting Pier 39: there’s dining, shopping, and more.

Cable Car Museum

Kids and grown-ups alike love the Cable Car Museum! Established in 1974, this museum is educational and fun for the entire family. The museum has quite a few displays, and even houses three antique cable cars from the 1870s. I still can’t believe it’s free!

Lombard Street

You didn’t think I’d write a post about visiting San Francisco without mentioning Lombard the Crooked Street, did you? It’s weird and scary to drive down the street but it’s a once in a lifetime experience so you’ve gotta do it!


Take in the sights and sounds of the great city of San Francisco at these spots. They have the best views!

Land’s End – Lookout Visitor’s Center

Walking Tours – They’re free!

Bernal Heights Park– Some say this is the best view in the city!

Alamo Square – Get a view of the Painted Ladies!

What’s your favorite free thing to do in San Francisco? Let me know in the comments!

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