Facing My Fears: Learning to Shoot a Gun Safely

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Read how i turned my fears of shooting a gun to actually wanting to get my conceal and carry license after going to the Range 702.

The Range 702

Let me start by saying this is not going to be a political post. For years my husband has been trying to get me to learn to shoot a Gun, but my answer has always been uh uh, no way, you are not getting me near one of those things. I have been extremely terrified of guns for a long time. Maybe it was because I grew up in a rough neighborhood or because my family members also had the same fears that I did. Growing up I knew my grandpa always had a shotgun in the house and I unfortunately saw him have to grab it for a possible self defense situaton on many occasions but luckily he never had to use it.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Range 702 & Gun Vault. I was provided product or experiences in order to facilitate my review.

Group Photo

On my recent trip to Las Vegas to attend CES, one of the other male bloggers suggested to my husband to visit The Range 702. At first I was like you guys go right ahead but then…….. something unusual came over me. Thinking about all the recent events happening in the news made me think to myself , you know what, if something were to happen, I should at least know how to operate a firearm. So I looked at my husband and volunteered myself to go with him. The look on my husbands face was priceless.

Guns Behind

When we arrived I was doing great, they escorted us to the VIP Room so they could talk with us and see if we had any questions. It was then when I heard the loudest sound I have ever heard that my fears set in . POW……. POW……… POW…….. someone in the other room was shooting off some heavy fire power. I literally grabbed my ears and jumped off the couch. The guys of course just laughed at me and the guy looked at me and said OK you are going first. I said are you crazy? He said trust me, it will be much easier for you if you go first. He explained to us that the most dangerous scenario is having a gun in the same room as someone who doesn’t know how to shoot. I raised my hand and said well, that’s me.

Glock 9MM
Glock 9MM Shot
Daniel Glock

I told him I wanted to start with the smaller gun possible first and his response was very interesting. He said actually I have 3 guns picked out for you already and YOU are going to learn to shoot them ALL. Most people think the smaller the gun the less kick back. He said this was untrue. There are much larger guns that are smooth with less kick back. So we started with the Glock 9MM. The first time I shot it, it was like whoa… but wait , that really wasn’t that bad.

MP4 -range 702

Then we moved to the fully automatic MP4. This one literally scared me, I am like this thing is HUGE compared to the first one but to my surprise it ended up being my favorite! It was so smooth with hardly any kick back at all.

M5  - range 702

Next we shot the M5. This was really cool because it had a laser however this one was pretty powerful but still not bad. Mostly just loud. As soon as I shot this one I screamed HOLY SMOKES really loud, Paused, and then just went to town lol.

Thumbs Up
The Perfect Shot - range 702

As you can see I had a great time and wanted to do it again. I was told I was pretty good shot too. Right be tween the eyes! The staff at range 702 was great and they really put my mind at ease.

The Big One

Afterwards they let us take a picture with this beauty. Boy was it heavy. Here’s thing thing, I know many of you out there are terrified when it comes to guns but learning to shoot one doesn’t mean you have to buy one and keep it in your home. Just knowing how to shoot one could literally save your life one day. My next step will be taking some gun safety classes with my husband.


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