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We’re starting off our effort to help highlight and support tourism destinations that we love with a conversation about different aspects of Alaska. With some favorite blogger/influencer friends joining us, don’t forget to scroll down for the giveaway! Join in on social media too – post your questions or photos while you are following along at home. Help us support Alaska and see why it’s an amazing destination.

Alaska Bears

Alaska represents different things to different people. We’re excited because this opportunity allows us an amazing chance share what makes up Alaskan travel culture today; it’s not just wilderness camping trips through retrospectively named hiking trails but also art created by First Nations peoples such as jewelry and totem poles. Alaska is home to some of America’s most pristine areas, filled with wildlife and indigenous traditions that you can experience for yourself.

We are going to be kicking off a series of different blog posts with some of our favorite blogger friends who also share my passion for this beautiful state and I hope you can join us for the journey. We’ll be doing a monthly series of blog and social posts, giveaways, and live stream shows talking about different aspects of visiting Alaska.

Some of our upcoming topics include:

March: How To Get The Most Out Of An Alaska Cruise

April: What Are Some Great Ways To Explore Alaska’s Indigineous Culture?

May: Let’s Talk About Natural Adventures In Alaska

We are all very excited to be talking about the things that make us most curious in Alaska. Some people have only visited recently, while others explored it virtually through video clips and blog posts on social media sites like YouTube or Facebook Live; but regardless of when you first got your travel bug – there’s always something new worth seeing here. Collectively I know we can help support Alaska tourism efforts as well to recover from the challenges faced over the past years.

Alaska Glaciers - alaska tourism

Exploring Cultures And New Experiences In Alaska 

Many people visit Alaska just to see beautiful landscapes and amazing creatures but Alaska also represents an opportunity to go deeper. There are tales of pioneers and indigineous communities that are more than just folklore, they are real people doing real things here. While most parts of the United States have relegated these sorta things to reservations and entertainment reflecting a fantasy of what life might have been like in the past … in Alaska it is authentic.

Places like Icy Strait Point are more than just fun places to stop on a cruise vacation and eat some crab and salmon while watching whales and going on a hike hoping to see bears. They are cultural embassies too. Not a people who live in history books but, a vibrant and hospitable community eager to share their culture with guests. Even towns like Skagway – though clearly recreating 1890’s boom times for happy tourists – represent the very real and very current spirit of Alaska as a place where you can come and strike it rich if you have a bit of luck, make sacrifices and work really hard.

So for me taking a trip to Alaska is an opportunity to think about possibilities and try, do, taste, see new things that you just can’t do anywhere else on Earth.

Submitted by James from

Exploring Alaska by Land and Sea

Alaska is one of the top destinations on our bucket list that we haven’t had the chance to visit yet. We had booked an Alaskan Cruise in 2020 for our 25th Wedding Anniversary that was canceled due to covid and we are ready to make that trip happen . We are huge nature lovers and we love outdoor travel so being able to see Alaska by land and sea is something we are most excited about. 

We feel this is the best option to see both Alaskan wildlife as well as beautiful glaciers up close. Orca and whale watching at Glacier Bay, seeing brown bears and moose in their natural habitats, exploring Denali park, kayaking next to glaciers and riding the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad are all on our must do list for Alaska. We are so ready to visit the “Last Frontier” and help support Alaska tourism.

Submitted by Daniel and Melissa from

Escaping Our Borders Without Leaving The United States

I’m not sure which is more difficult to believe: That Alaska is part of the United States of America or that only 55 miles separates Alaska and Russia. When I dream of an Alaskan adventure, I feel a certain thrill from the idea of escaping the entire world while still being within the borders of our country. 

Generally, it is exhilarating to think about being in a vast, rugged, and “fresh” environment without freezing to death. Specifically, ice fishing, dog sledding and experiencing the Northern Lights all sound exciting. 

Of course, as the Bourbon expert and spirits journalist, I’m always on the hunt for new whiskeys and spirits. I’ve been impressed with the Rye and Bourbon whiskey I’ve tried from Port Chilkoot Distillery in Haines, Alaska. Thus, I would explore more Alaskan libations against the backdrop of a glacier. Yes, I will take mine neat as I’ll already be on the rocks.

Submitted by Tom from

Up Close And Personal With Alaskan Native Wildlife

Alaska has always been a bucket list destination for me, and in September 2021 I made my first trip there. I road tripped through Anchorage, Palmer, and Seward. The thing that excites me most when talking about this trip or any Alaska vacation is getting outdoors to view Alaskan native wildlife in their natural habitat. Plus the landscapes where these animals roam is simply breathtaking.

Most Alaskan visitors hope to see the Alaskan Big 5 land animals – bears, moose, Dahl sheep, caribou, and wolves. Then there is the sea and marine life.  I can’t express just how thrilling it is to take a Resurrection Bay Cruise and see an orca surface just off the bow, watch a moose and her calf grazing just off a bike path, reel in trout on the Kenai River, or watch brown bears fish for salmon in a stream.

Submitted by Nicky from 

A Jaw-Dropping State Like No Other

Back in 2009, I did my first Alaskan cruise, my interest piqued after watching too many episodes of Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers and wanting to see this wondrous land for myself. I figured a cruise would be the best way to see a lot of Alaska at once, and it was a pretty amazing experience. Over the course of a week, I saw tons of amazing wildlife (bears, moose, bald eagles, seals, etc), not to mention breathtaking views of glaciers, mountains and such. 

I’d love to go back and enjoy some legendary Alaska sport fishing and chase after salmon, halibut, cod, and rockfish, then go back to the lodge and tell tales of the one that got away.

The natural beauty that Alaska offers is unparalleled and the next time I go up there, I’m going to book a 14-day cruise and land tour, which lets you explore Denali National Park by train after the cruise and see even more amazing sights.I’m sure it’s going to be amazing, and I can’t wait!

Submitted by Sujeet from

Alaska Cruising Is A Relaxing Way To Explore Nature

While there are natural wonders to explore in the interior of the state too, my favorite thing about visiting Alaska is how easy it is to get close to nature. I love being able to relax on my balcony with a hot drink and relax as we cruise past glaciers and mountains with the occasional sightings of whales, bears, and bald eagles.

Just make sure to bring a good pair of binoculars along with a warm jacket! Or if you want, I can help you pick a cruise line with telescopes available on deck or in the observation lounge so you can get the most out of your Alaska cruise experience.

Submitted by Heather from

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Why We Are Excited About Alaska

Now It’s Your Turn To Tell Us Why YOU Are Excited About Alaska!

Tell us in the comments why you want to visit Alaska. Help us support Alaska tourism by sharing this post.


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  1. I would love to see the Northern Lights an actual glacier. Things and animals that can only be seen in Alaska.

  2. I can see uplifting and heavenly most beautiful places to visit Alaska and do so many things there to unwind ourselves

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