Best Camping Hack for Mosquitos

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There is nothing like sitting around the campfire with friends only to be eaten alive by Mosquitos. Check out our best camping hack for how to get rid of mosquitos around the campfire.

On my others site we’ve been doing a ton of garden articles. Learning about different types of herbs and plants and what they were used for back in the old days. We have learned about companion planting and what plants attract and repel bugs.

I don’t know about you but learning how to get rid of mosquitos was on the top of my list when going camping. Besides bug sprays and mosquitos lamps did you know there is another natural way to get rid of those pesky mosquitos?

Wrapping Rosemary -how to get rid of mosquitos

Best Camping Hack for Mosquitos:

It’s a known fact that mosquitos hate certain herbs and smells like rosemary, sage , basil, citronella, lavender and peppermint. Burning herbs in your campfire or fire pit at home is a natural and safe way to repel mosquitos. Indigenous people have been doing this for years.

I already grow all of these herbs in my garden and I use them for multiple purposes. I love being able to just run out to my garden before a camping trip and cut fresh herbs to take with us.

You can start by just bundling your herbs and throwing them in the fire pit as is or try wrapping the herbs in aluminum foil, wet it, poke some holes in the foil and it will smoke all evening.

Campfire firepit

If you want to try this at home and you don’t have a fire pit, try using terracotta pots ,old coffee cans. or soup cans.

If you came here looking for how to get rid of mosquitos, then you’re in for a treat because we also have a Homemade All Natural Insect Spray on our sister site Consumer Queen.

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