Walt Disney world

I am very excited that this Saturday my family and I will begin our drive to Florida for our first Disney Cruise. I am a huge Disney nut and I believe I have been to Disney at least 5 times already but have never been on a Disney Cruise. The decision was very last minute as we were trying to decide on where to take the kids on Spring Break. That is when I saw a post from my friend Amy from MomSpark on Facebook saying she had booked a last minute cruise. I thought to myself how fun, but there is no way I could book something like that so fast. I mean I am normally a HUGE planner. It must have been in the cards because The Consumer King talked me into looking into it. I cannot believe how easy it was. Disney did such a wonderful job helping us plan it out and we did it all over the phone. We are even staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for 2 days when we get back and I was able to book hotel rooms for  HALF PRICE.

Disney Cruise Line

I am really looking forward to this vacation and we will be traveling on the Disney Magic with Amy and her family. I also just found out that one of my old bosses that I haven’t seen in forever will also be traveling on the same cruise.

Stay tuned because when we get back, I will be doing a complete blog post on how to book your Disney Cruise, tips and tricks and how to save money doing it. Check out this older post I did on Saving at Disney I will be going into greater detail this time.

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American Idol Experience

6 Fun facts about me and Disney:

  1. I have been to Disney 5 times
  2. I tried out for the American Idol Experience at Hollywood Studios and made it on stage!
  3. I own over 60 Disney Movies
  4. I got to interview Kermit the Frog on one of Disney Trips
  5. I hosted my own #DisneySide Party
  6. I have been invited to Disney Red Carpet movie events

Update: I have just been upgraded to VIP status on the ship that will allow me special amenities in my room. Photo of the ship was provided by Disney.